DECT Features              

  1. Range: Outdoor ¡V 300 meters; Indoor ¡V 50 meters/span>

  2. Handset: 100 hours standby time & 10 hours talk time

  3. Handset: Phonebook memory 50 locations

  4. Support hands free

  5. Support mute function

  6. Ring volume and melody adjustable

  7. 5 GAP DECT handsets can be registered

  8. Transfer

  9. Support last number redial

10. Support intercom calls

VoIP/PSTN Features

  1. Make both Skype™ and PSTN calls with an DECT phone

  2. Connect Skype through your DECT phone, no need of microphone and speaker

  3. Support Skype speed dial and SkypeOut™ directly through the phone keypad

  4. Receive a PSTN/Skype call directly through any key of the phone keypad

  5. Support Skype/PSTN phonebook

  6. Caller ID on DECT handset

  7. Support Skype/PSTN call log (include incoming, outgoing and missed calls)

  8. Create a Multi-Call and switch between held calls circularly by Skype/PSTN call button

  9. Create a Skype Conference call and join new calls into the Conference sequentially by Skype call button

10.  Support call waiting (Skype←→PSTN)

11. Cheese Button: If Skype quality is not good or contact doesn¡¦t answer your call ¡KJust press two keys through phone keypad to switch to a presetting SkypeOut or PSTN call

12. Support standard windows USB audio device with unique device ID

13. Auto-configure Skype audio device as SkyDECT after SkyDECT initializes completely

14. When PSTN line is not connected, auto-switch to Skype line for Skype call

15. When USB cable is not connected, auto-switch to PSTN line for PSTN call

16. Easy of use and user friendly interface

1. USB 1.1 standard

2. Skype 1.3 or above compatible

3. LED:power/off

4. Power:DC 9V power adapter

5. Standard:DECT GAP

6. Frequency: 1880MHz~1900MHz

7. Skype status

8. Talking status

1. PC running windows XP or 2000(SP4 or later).
2. One Computer running at 800 MHz or better, 128 MB RAM with a CD-ROM drive
3. 50MB free disk space on your hardware.

4. One free USB port.
5. Internet connection (WiFi, ADSL, Cable Modern, 56kbps Modem, ...., etc).