Regintech SkyGWO 4 port FXO Skype gateway DM v1.9 PDF

1. Employees out of office can call back office via landline or mobile and then make

    Skype/SkypeOut to customers (like Skype To Go Service)

2. Employees out of office can call back office via Skype to reduce high mobile fee or

     international roaming fee

3. Most suitable for free company intranet or B2C/ B2B communication and 800 service call

4. Make Skype calls through office extension phones, no need of microphones, speakers

     and Skype for every employee’s PC

5. One PCI-E card supports four independent Skype calls and up to 12 Skype lines are

     supported at one PC

6. Three kinds of call out control methods

7. One unique corporate Skype account/SkypeIn number for call in

8. Support Speed Dial (up to 20 digits) or SkypeOut calls

9. Support Speed dial for Skype or SkypeOut call with extension number

10. Support DID(Direct Inward Dial): After DID function is integrated with Skype Button or

       SkypeIn service, Skype or SkypeIn incoming calls can be forwarded directly to assigned

       office extensions for customer support without accessing company PBX IVR

11. DOD (Direct Outward Dial): With the DOD feature, employees can just dial an extension

       number to reach foreign factory or remote employees

12. Support Skype to Skype call forward

13. Support Skype program fair usage policy

14. “Skype speed up button” to accelerate Skype login and Skype call connection

15. System default doesn’t allow Skype file transfer and set not to be Skype’s super node

16. Cheese Button: Need to find your colleague? Dial colleague’s speed dial first. If the

        Skype voice quality is bad or the call is no answered, then press “#” + one number key

        (Cheese Button) before hanging up to dial colleague’s alternative connections. Easy to

        reach contacts

17. Support international busy tone

18. Ease of use and user friendly interface and web management

19. Support CDR (Call Detail Record) for view and back up

20. Support public and private phonebook

21. Support phonebook and user information back up and import

22. Allow admin/every user to export personal Skype contacts into the public/private

        phonebook via web interface (IE, Internet Explorer)

23. System utilization and occupied line statistics for each port

24. Management messages like HW/SW error, SkypeSkypeOut credit status and call

       connection status via Skype message or Skype SMS

25. Default speed dial number “999999” for free Skype testing account Echo123 to test

        whether SkyGWO is functional properly or not

26. Default speed dial number “999998” to record company welcome IVR

27. Auto-allow Skype contact authorize inquiry

28. Allow all system’s Skype accounts to send out contact authorize request for Skype

       contacts in public and private phonebook to increase successful Skype dialing rate

29. Prevent denial of service attack

30. Support SkypeOut call limit time frame and Black/White list

31. Support popular PBXs

1. PCI-E card form factor for PCI or PCI-E bus

2.  4 Pin USB header for desktop PC motherboard

3. One 4 Pin 5/12V power connector for PC power supply connector

4. 4 FXO ports for PBX’s extension lines or carrier lines

5. One red power LED, one reset button and 4 green LEDs for 4 FXO ports status

6. Support Skype v6.18.0.106

7. Support Windows 1087 or Windows XP SP3

1. One computer running at 3 GHz or quicker, 2GB RAM with a USB port

2. Microsoft Windows 1087 or Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

3. 250MB Free Hard Disk Space at least

4. Skype version

5. 512 kbps (4 ports) upstream and downstream Internet connection (ADSL, Cable Modem…)

6. Four available PBX extension lines with hunt group function or four carrier lines supporting

     hunt group