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Box S1 introduction YouTube
(You can enable YouTube caption setting for English.)

After SkyBox S1 is connecting with office PBX analog trunk line or an analog phone, SkyBox S1 allows you to make traditional landline calls or Skype™ calls with office desktop phone or a regular cord/cordless phone without having to stay close to your computer. With SkyBox S1 integrated with landline and Skype line through one cordless phone, you can carry the handset away from computer and don't worry about missing any landline or Skype call. After subscribing Skype callout programs like worldwide go or SkypeOut credits, companies can save a lot on the phone bills.

With SkyBox S1, employees out of office or abroad can call back office via mobile phone Skype to save money. SkyBox S1 supports Skype or landline interrupt call. User can pick up the Skype or landline interrupt call by pressing “*1” phone keys and switch both calls via “*1” keys. If user pressed “*2” phone keys, one three party landline and Skype conference will be established. 

SkyBox S1 has a simple and user friendly design to help you keep your calling habit for SkypeOut calls. The built-in speed dial makes you easy to call frequent numbers. SkyBox S1's IM mode can support other IM/Softphone ( like Teams, Lync/Skype for business, WhatsApp, Google voice/hangouts, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Zoom,  …) as an audio device. You can make/receive IM calls from PC softphone and then pick up the phone connected with SkyBox S1 for conversation. 

When SkyBox S1 connects with office analog conference phone, this phone turns out to be a Skype-enable conference phone. Set at IM mode, SkyBox S1 can turn your conference phones into various internet conference phones. It will greatly enhance the conference voice quality at a low cost. 

Regintech SkyBox S1 PBX or phone application
Regintech SkyBox S1 bridges conference phone application

1. USB 1.1 standard
2. Windows 10, 8 or 7 with Skype or later versions(Only support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English Skype GUI now).
3. Two RJ-11 ports. One Phone (FXS) port is for analog cord or cordless phone (or PBX analog trunk line); the other Line (FXO) port is for traditional landline   
4. No external power needed
5. Dimensions (LxWxH): 95mm x 66mm x 22mm 

1. PC running Windows 10, 8 or 7
2. One Computer running at 1GHz or better, 512 MB RAM
3. 50MB free disk space on your hardware

4. One free USB port
5. Internet connection (WiFi, ADSL, Cable Modem, 4G, 5G,... , etc)