1. Connect Skype through PBX desk phone or your home phone; no need of microphone

    and speaker

2. Skype recovery button helps you resolve Skype login or connection problem

3. With SkyATA, you can have a free Skype call for office or home to save roaming

    or expensive mobile fee when you are out of office or home

4. Integrate Skype video function with PC web camera to easily support remote monitor

    with management

5. Support Skype recording and playing back

6. Accurate 2nd dial( like dialing extension number)

7. Support Skype/SkypeOut speed dial number and the speed dial list can be

    exported for back up and imported for use

8. Cheese Button: If Skype audio quality is not good or Skype contact doesn¡¦t answer the

    call.¡K Just press two keys through phone keypad to make a preset SkypeOut call

9. Create a Multi-Call or pick up a Skype waiting call and switch call between held

    calls circularly by pressing phone keypad ¡§¡¯1¡¨

10. Support FSK type I Caller ID for Skype calls and display speed dial number for easy

      returned call

11. Support other IM/VOIP like Lync, Google voice/hangouts, Yahoo Messenger as

      an audio device(Ear/Microphone function)

12. Support popular PBXs and cordless phone sets including DECT, 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz, 900

      MHz or others

13. Make a Skype/SkypeOut call through PBX desk phone or home phone and receive

      Skype/SkypeIn as your familiar telephone habits

14. Support international busy tone

15. Support 2 REN standard loads and 20, 25, 30 and 50Hz ring signal frequency

16. Support standard Windows USB audio device with unique device ID

17. Support SkyATA software on line upgrade and latest software version



1. USB 1.1 standard
2. Skype 6.14 or later version
3. One RJ-11 (FXS) for standard analog, cordless phone, or analog PBX trunk line
4. No external power needed
5. Dimensions (LxWXH): 81 X 37 X 19 mm 

1. PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
2. 1GHz processor / 512 MB RAM
3. 50 MB free disk space
4. One free USB port
5. Internet connection (56 Kbps modern, ADSL, etc..)