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M-office - Must-have phone secretary for frequent travelers!

M-office Plus introduction YouTube

M-office introduction YouTube
(You can enable YouTube caption setting for English.)

Skype is worldwide recognized as the best audio quality among free internet softphones and M-office perfectly integrates landline, Skype and mobile phone for mobile communication. M-office can enhance employee's mobile communication and save company's phone bills.

With M-office set at Forward mode, employees can forward their office calls (support PBX analog extension line or carrier landline) to mobile phone Skype for free or mobile phones via cheap SkypeOut service. When employees travel abroad, they can call back M-office Skype account and use office landline to contact customers to reduce expensive international call fee and avoid callee's reluctance to take your SkypeOut call due to lack of familiar caller ID. The customers can return your calls based on caller ID and the calls will be forwarded to your mobile phone Skype.

M-office can also serve as a new generation PBX system. When this device is set at PBX mode, any incoming landline call can be answered by the device’s automatic answering system (AA) and the incoming call will be forwarded to the assigned Skype account or SkypeOut number based on the caller’s dialed extension number and the extension table setting. No matter where the employees are, they can pick up office incoming calls via mobile phone Skype or mobile phones via SkypeOut. It is very convenient and cost-saving for companies with lots of mobile workers.

M-office also supports landline and Skype dual direction call forward. It is a convenient phone secretary for mobile workers.

M-office Plus - Landline free call forward mobile phone Box
 M-office Work From Home application
Product application
M-office Plus - Landline call forwarded to mobile phone for free  
1. USB 1.1 standard
2. Windows 10, 8, 7 with Skype ~ (Now only support Skype GUIs for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English).
3. One RJ-11 (FXO) port for carrier landline or PBX analog extension line
4. No external power needed
5. Dimensions (LxWXH): 81 X 37 X 19 mm 
1. PC running Windows 7, 8  or 10
2. 1GHz processor / 512 MB RAM
3. 50 MB free disk space
4. One free USB port
5. Internet connection (WiFi, ADSL, 4G, 5G, ...,etc.)