1.   Make Skype™ , PSTN and Cellular calls with a DECT phone

2.   Receive a PSTN/Skype/Cellular call directly through any key of the phone keypad

3.   Support Skype speed dial and SkypeOut™ directly through the phone keypad

4.   Support Skype/PSTN/Cellular phonebook

5.   PSTN/Skype/Cellular Caller ID on DECT handset

6.   Support Skype/PSTN call log (Incoming, Outgoing ,and Missed calls)

7.   Support Multi-Call (call waiting) and switch between held calls circularly by Skype/PSTN/Cellular call button

8.   Create a Skype Conference call and join new calls into the Conference by ¡§¡¯¡¨ + Skype call button

9.   Cheese Button: In a Skype call or your contact doesn¡¦t answer the call, Just press two keys to switch to a presetting SkypeOut/PSTN/Cellular call

10. BT will auto-search and connect Cellular device once it is disconnected from Cellular device,

11. User can still make a PSTN call or answer a Cellular incoming call even PC is power-off.

12. New Health Concept: Make/receive Cellular calls through DECT handset has much less EMI radiation.

13. Making Cellular calls through DECT handset can have a longer talk time.

14. Support standard windows USB audio device with unique device ID

15. Easy of use and user friendly interface

1.       Range: Outdoor ¡V 300 meters; Indoor ¡V 50 meters

2.       Handset: 100 hours standby time & 10 hours talk time

3.       Handset: Phonebook memory for 50 sets

4.       Support hands free

5.       Support mute function

6.       Ring volume and melody adjustable

7.       5 GAP DECT handsets can be registered

8.       Transfer

9.       Support last number redial

10.     Support intercom calls

1.       Wireless audio capability

2.       Headsets as audio input and output device

3.       Cellular phone as audio gateway

4.       Remote control of the device


1.        One Computer running at 800 MHz or better, 128 MB RAM with a CD-ROM drive

2.        PC running Windows XP or 2000(SP4 or later)

3.        50MB free disk space in your computer

4.        One free USB port

5.        Internet connection (WiFi, ADSL, Cable Modem, 56kbps Modem, ...., etc)

6.        Bluetooth support on your Cellular phone

1.           USB 1.1 standard

2.           Skype 1.3 or above compatible

3.           LED: power on/off

4.           Power: DC 9V power adapter

5.           Standard: DECT GAP

6.           Frequency: 1880MHz ~ 1900MHz

7.           Skype status

8.           Talking state