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In the past few years, enterprises are going through digital transformation to enhance competitiveness. Voice communication is one of the key transformations. Full-utilization of modern communication tools for the upcoming 5G mobile network will bring enterprises convenience and enhance work efficiency in addition to saving money. Enterprises are benefited to have highly mobile communications between their employees. Besides, communications between you and your customers or suppliers will become closer and more convenient. Our mission is to provide affordable and user-friendly Skype and VoIP gateway solutions for both enterprises and consumers.

Skype has been a popular softphone for voice & chat application and there is a big Skype community worldwide. Enterprise may want to enjoy benefits of free Skype calls or low cost SkypeOut calls, but has concerns of sending out company documents via Skype. With dedicated Skype gateway connected with existing office PBX or IPPBX, employees can use desk phones to make or receive Skype calls at a good voice quality and employer won¡¦t need to worry about company document leak. For employees out of office and customers or suppliers of the company, they can call your office via company Skype account for free. Regintech provides SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO multi-port Skype gateway solutions for enterprise and also one port solutions for soho office.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises are forced to ask their employees to work from home (WFH). Is there any safe and economic way to let employees take office incoming calls at home? After SkyGWO or M-office is installed at office, employees can take office incoming calls via their own mobile phone Skype anytime and anywhere. This function is like an expensive MVPN service, but we provide with no contract and no monthly fee.

Virtual PBX Mode from M-office or LineOffice can be a mobile PBX for soho office or enterprise divisions. After the caller dials the extension number, the call will be forwarded to the assigned employee¡¦s mobile phone Skype or LINE. No need to install traditional PBX.

2021 Regintech Skype/LINE gateway

LineOffice - Free forward office incoming calls or PSTN calls to mobile phone LINE

 M-office - Forward office incoming calls to mobile phone Skype