Which Skype gateway is more suitable for me? SkyATA, SkyBox S1 or M-office ?

Want to use a phone for Skype talks? SkyATA and SkyBox S1 can help you to use a phone for Skype talks at office or home. After either product is connected with one PBX trunk line or one phone, employees can make or receive Skype calls via their desk phones. Company can subscribe Skype's unlimited World program to call regular phone numbers for 63 areas or countries to save company's phone bill. Please refer link https://secure.skype.com/en/international-calls/United%20States# 

SkyBox S1 is an advanced version of SkyATA. It supports one phone for Skype and PSTN calls and is good to apply for homes or offices with less PBX trunk lines.

Still spending money to forward office calls to your mobile phone at the 5G era? M-office can forward office or home incoming calls to your mobile phone Skype for free. This function can support work-from-home employees or companies with lots of mobile workers. M-office can be connected to analogue PBX extension lines or carrier lines. In addition, you can call M-office PC Skype account and use office carrier landline for any domestic calls without extra fee even when you are abroad.

For companies which need multi-port Skype gateway application, please check our four port Skype gateway SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO at link https://www.regintech.com.tw/products_Gateway.htm. Both products can support up to 16 ports within one PC now. SkyGWO can help employees to work from home. 

You can watch below YouTube links for product introduction. YouTube caption is available! If you have any problem, please contact Henry Chou of Regin Tech by Office: 886-3-5735360 Mobile: 886-936071552 or Skype account: regin.skype. Thank You! 

SkyATA        https://youtu.be/Hi9lImPM9cw

SkyBox S1   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNaTskJVTR4

M-office        https://youtu.be/9f2vF7Ae0xI

Regintech SkyATA, SkyBox S1 and M-office difference

 M-office - Forward office incoming calls to mobile phone Skype