Can M-office forward office calls to multiple Skype accounts or phone numbers?

Skype has built-in "Call forwarding and voicemail” function. M-office's assigned forwarded Skype account either in Forward mode or PBX mode can be forwarded to up to three Skype accounts or SkypeOut numbers once the M-office forwarded Skype account has been set “Call forwarding and voicemail” as below figure. Please pay attention to the settings circled in red and remember to click "Confirm” button to save your settings.

Skype to Skype forward is free. If you want forwarding to SkypeOut number, you need to purchase Skype credits or subscribe Skype programs for M-office's Skype account.

Skype built-in Call forwarding and voicemail setting

M-office will forward office or home incoming calls to the assigned Skype account no matter M-office is set at Forward mode or PBX mode. If the M-office assigned forward Skype account has enabled "Call forwarding and voicemail” function and make forwarding settings, Skype will forward the M-office forward Skype account to multiple destinations as the settings. If any destination call is picked up, other forwarding calls will be cancelled.

Above information can be found in FAQ 33 of M-office user manual v2.1 chapter 5 in Regintech web

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