Regintech released LineOffice which can forward office or home incoming calls to mobile phone LINE for free

As you might know, there are six hundred million LINE users worldwide. LINE is very popular mainly in Asia, especially in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and other southeast Asia countries. Regintech had released LineATA and LineBox to allow office users to have LINE calls on desk phones in 2019. During our promotion for both products, we have heard that many customers ask for a solution to free-forward office incoming calls to their mobile phone LINE. In 2020, after Windows version LINE was upgraded to 6.x version with much better voice quality, Regintech decided to come out LineOffice to fit the inquiries.

In the COVID-19 pandemic and even the post-pandemic era, enterprises might still allow the employees to work from home. LineOffice can serve as a brand new communication tool to help enterprises and soho offices. With LineOffice installation at the office, the employees can take office incoming calls via mobile phone LINE anytime and anywhere.

LineOffice is a noncontract free-forwarding gadget! It has two major applications: Forward Mode is for individual employees or for personal use. It forwards office or home incoming calls to mobile phone LINE. PBX Mode is for soho offices or enterprise divisions. Employees can pick up office incoming calls via mobile phone LINE wherever they are. No need to install traditional PBX.

With one laptop or stick PC and LineOffice setup in the office, an employee's mobile phone becomes a mobile extension phone. It is like a MVPN service but without extra fee. LineOffice will forward office incoming calls to employee's mobile phone LINE for free. No more worry about missing office calls when employees are travelling or roaming in a big office.

Can't easily find some employees since they might be away from their desks, travelling or being remote employees? LineOffice can help you to reach such employees easily! No matter where the employees are, office colleagues can simply dial the employees¡¦ extension numbers to reach them via LineOffice's free call forward function.

LineOffice - Free forward office  calls to mobile phone LINE

Want to set up a new soho office or an office with lots of mobile workers? LineOffice can serve as a virtual PBX to save expensive PBX and installation fee. With only a few steps, you can easily set up the extension table. After a carrier landline is subscribed and LineOffice is well setup, LineOffice IVR system will ask the callers to dial the extension number and the call will be forwarded to the corresponding employee's mobile phone LINE.

LineOffice - Serve as PBX when LineOffice is set at PBX mode

For users familiar with Skype, LineOffice Plus can also turn out to be a Skype call forward gadget. LineOffice Plus hardware itself also supports landline calls forwarded to mobile phone Skype by running M-office software and Skype. Please notice that LineOffice does NOT support this feature!!!

 Regintech LineOffice Plus and LineOffice                                   

LineOffice Plus and LineOffice product comparison

LineOffice introduction YouTube   (Caption is available!) 

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