Regintech released M-office Plus to support free office incoming calls forwarded to your mobile phone

COVID-19 pandemic forces enterprises to ask employees to work from home. What is the safe and the most economic way to allow employees to take office incoming calls from home? When M-office is installed at the office, employees can take office incoming calls via mobile phone Skype for free anytime and anywhere.

M-office Plus is a noncontract free-forwarding gadget! It has two major applications: Forward Mode for office employees or for personal usage. It forwards incoming calls from office or home to mobile phone Skype. Virtual PBX Mode for SOHO office or enterprise divisions. Employees can pick up office incoming calls via mobile phone Skype wherever they are. No need to install traditional PBX.

Either in Forward Mode or PBX Mode, you can enable the ˇ§Incoming Skype calls for any landline callsˇ¨ function to make free Skype calls to the M-office Skype account for calling domestic customers via office landline while you are abroad. If the customers didnˇ¦t pick up your call in time, they can return the call by the caller ID. And M-office will automatically forward this call to you abroad for free.

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Lanline calls forwarded to mobile phone Skype for free

M-office Plus - Landline call forwarded to mobile phone for free