SkyGWO – A virtual office PBX. Employees use mobile phone as desk phone

After installing SkyGWO - 4 port FXO Skype gateway from Regintech, employees can pick up office incoming calls via their mobile phones for free. PBX can be saved and SkyGWO can be served as a virtual PBX. Employees can make a Skype call to company Skype account, then make a PSTN call via company landline after hearing the familiar PSTN dial tone. If the callee of the PSTN call is busy then, he/she can call back through the caller ID.

Whenever there is an office incoming call, SkyGWO will pick up the PSTN call automatically and ask the caller to dial the extension number through your customized IVR. If the dialing extension number matches one preset speed dial number of Skype account or SkypeOut number, the Skype account or SkypeOut number will be dialing out and employee can use mobile phone to pick up the office incoming call.

We support up to four SkyGWO PCI/PCI-E cards within one PC now. Office with analog extension lines can also adopt SkyGWO. Coronavirus pandemic makes work from home the new normal. SkyGWO can help employees pick up office incoming calls and call customers via company landlines when they work at home or are not office. It will also enhance employee’s mobile communication.

SkyGWO function is similar as our one port solution M-office – a free landline to mobile phone Skype forward box. Please check out M-office introduction YouTube as below link! English caption is available!

If you are interested in such application, please contact Henry Chou of Regintech as below information. Thank you!

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Regintech SkyGWO for WFH during COVID-19