Regintech SkyGWO can forward work-at-home employee's office calls to mobile phone Skype for free

Main application for SkyGWO is to build office Skype lines with PBX, so office employees can pick up desk phones for Skype calls or employees not in office, customers or suppliers can call office for free. To support employees working at home during Coronavirus pandemic, SkyGWO・s DOD function needs to be enabled and employee・s office calls can be forwarded to his/her mobile phone Skype for free. Employees can also call office via free Skype calls.     

Regintech FXO Skype gateway application

SkyGWO is a four port PCI-E FXO card for Skype gateway application. It  can support up to four cards or 16 ports within one Windows PC now. It needs to connect to PBX analog extension lines. This device can be used to forward office landline calls to employee・s mobile phone Skype during the special period and it can also be a good back up for office voice communication. It can eliminate landline full occupation problem.

Existing SkyGWO customers can enable DOD function as below example figure. And connect port 2 RJ11 of SkyGWO to the work-at-home employee・s PBX extension line. Then employee・s office incoming calls will be forwarded to his/her mobile phone Skype or mobile phone number via SkypeOut service.    

Enable SkGWO port 2 DOD for employee's Skype forward

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