Regintech Skype and Line gateway help employee's communication during work at home owing to Coronavirus  

To fight for Coronavirus, many companies might ask employees to work from home. With Regintech's Skype and Line gateway products integration with office PBX or phones, employees out of office can call office colleagues for free via mobile phone Skype and Line.

For soho offices, Skype or Line gateway system can be built by connecting Skype gateway SkyATA or Line gateway LineATA with Windows mini PC like Liva X or any Windows PC running Skype or Line. Employees out of office, customers and suppliers can call office via mobile phone Skype or Line. For enterprise application, we can support up to 16 port FXS or FXO Skype gateway system.

User can click below product  introduction YouTubes and turn on caption feature.




Regintech Skype and Line gateway application for Soho office

Regintech FXS Skype gateway application

Regintech FXO Skype gateway application

SkyBox S1 IM mode can bridge conference phone with any IM audio

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