Regintech made a big Skype 8 software release for one port Skype gateway products

Regintech upgraded its one port Skype gateway products software version to to fully support Skype 8. These products include SkyATA, SkyBox S1(Sky911) and M-office. If customers purchase these products before the end of 2019, they will get two years product warranty bonus! Customers purchasing these products within 2019 will enjoy hardware and software warranty extension to two years.

Many people might have problems to use their Skype devices like FreeTalk for Skype calls due to Microsoft's end of support for SkypeKit after July 31, 2014. Regintech continues to support all Skype gateway products for Skype 8.

This update includes software GUI support for common screen DPI settings, Skype caller ID support with Skype display name and speed dial number for easy call back, increase  of maximum device audio volume under Windows 7, SkyBox S1 and Sky911 phone ring problem under different operation modes and enhancement of IM mode support. So the Skype gateway devices can support other soft phones under IM mode like Team, Skype for business, Zoom, Google hangouts, WhatsApp, LINE, ..., etc. Combining office existing analog conference phones like from Polycom, company can enjoy an excellent internet phone conference audio quality without spending a big budget. And conference efficiency will be much improved.

Product related documents like quick guide, user manual and software built-in online help have been completely updated. We also add introduction YouTube for each products. You can check out "Products" of our web site as to get a quick picture of our products easily.

Thanks for the customers paying for Skype 8 supporting software for products SkyATA, Sky911 and SkyBox S1. These customers will get another year of software support. Customers not upgrading those product's software for Skype 8 can get the upgrade from us soon.             

If you want to buy our products, please go to below platforms or contact us. Thanks a lot.

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