Regintech came out LINE gateway products 

Regintech focused on Skype gateway product development and promotion in the past 10 years. Recently many customers asked us to develop LINE gateway products and we decided to come out a series of LINE gateway product during our companyˇ¦s 10th anniversary. We have SkyATA and Skybox S1 to make and receive Skype calls and M-office to forward incoming landline calls to mobile phone Skype. We will come out LINE counterpart products for those three products as LineATA, LineBox and LineOffice individually.

LineATA can be connected to one phone and user can use the phone for LINE calls. LineBox has similar function as LineATA does, but it has extra interface to connect with one carrier line. LineBoxˇ¦s connecting phone can be used for landline and LINE calls. LineOffice can forward incoming landline calls to mobile phone LINE to save expensive international or mobile phone call forward. It can be also used as a simple PBX to pick up incoming landline calls and forward to employee's LINE based on the dialing extension number. Employees can pick up their office calls anywhere via their mobile phone LINE APP. 

LineBox LINE Gateway for PBX or phone application

LineATA is a mini USB dongle specially designed for LINE gateway application. With LineATA running with Windows version LINE, you can have LINE voice service via phone. After LineATA is connected with PBX, conference phone or regular phone, employees can pick up desk phones to make or receive LINE calls. For companies using LINE to interact with its fans, fans can make free calls to companies via company LINE accounts if company applies LineATA solution. It is convenient and companies can have a close relationship with their fans at a very cheap cost. Employees out of office, company customers and suppliers can have a free call to company office. Hence telecom carrier line number can be considered to lower. For the office with less PBX trunk lines, they can consider to adopt dual mode model LineBox and the connecting PBX trunk port can have landline and LINE calls.              

User can set speed dial number for LINE friends from LineATA Speed Dial setting page. Speed dial number can be set up to 12 digits 0~9 Arabic numerals. Speed dial list can be exported for back up and imported for use later.

LineATAˇ¦s IM mode can support other soft phones(like Team, Lync/Skype for business, Google voice/hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype , ˇK) as an audio device. User can make/receive IM calls from PC and then pick up the LineATA connecting phone for conversation. Under IM mode, if LineATA connects with traditional analog conference phone, the conference phone becomes a soft phone conference device to enhance internet phone conference voice quality. 

Regintech LineBox works as an audio bridge for conference phone

Regintech LINE Gateway Box