Regintech's Skype/PSTN forward box M-office introduction YouTube

Must-have phone secretary for frequent travelers

Still paying expensive mobile phone forwarding fee to your carrier? Now you get a better choice!

* M-office can forward your incoming landline calls to mobile phone Skype for


* Under ˇ§PBX modeˇ¨, incoming landline calls can be forwarded to specific Skype

   accounts based on the ˇ§Extension tableˇ¨. Traditional office PBX is NOT a


* Landline and Skype two-way forwarding functions save you a lot $$$!!!

There are already a lot of landline forwarding solutions in the market. However, some of them have bad voice quality or need the forwarding fee. M-office can forward the incoming call to mobile phone Skype for FREE!

When you travel abroad, you can call back M-office Skype account and use M-office landline to call the contacts in your country. If the callees couldnˇ¦t answer your call in time, they can call back via caller ID and the call will be forwarded to your mobile phone Skype.   

Please checkout M-office introduction YouTube here! 

M-office incoming landline call forwarded to mobile phone Skype 

M-office incoming landline calls forwarded to mobile phone Skype

M-office incoming Skype calls forwarded to any landine calls

 M-office incoming Skype calls for any landline calls