Regintech's first Youtube to introduce Skype gateway product - SkyATA

Regintechˇ¦s Skype gateway products have been in the market for over 10 years. However, there are still lots of people not informed how to make or receive Skype calls via phone.


Skype worldwide program or SkypeOut credits can help company or individuals save expensive international or mobile call fees.


After companyˇ¦s PBX is integrated with SkyATA, employees can pick up desk phones to make Skype calls. No need to change your calling habits.


SkyATA speed dial feature can help you dial frequent calling numbers more easily.


When there is a Skype incoming call, the phone rings. Simply pick up the phone and start your phone conversation.


Regintech SkyATA Youtube


Regintechˇ¦s SkyATA(also SkypeKey & SkyTrunk) and SkyBox S1(also SkyPeBX & ST-1002) products can support Skype 8.x now.


To upgrade product software, please contact Regintech Mr. Chou as below contact information. Thank you!
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Regintech's Skype gateway SkyATA application 

Regintech Skype gateway SkyATA application