Regintech SkyGW4C-S & SkyGWO v5.0.0.10 can support incoming Skype callers to dial PBX extension

There is no dial pad during a Skype to Skype call. Regintech uses Skype chat message to detect caller’s extension dial number. This feature will provide a easy and free way for enterprise ‘s customers, providers or employers out of office to call to office for free and convenient communication. Such function has been implemented in our Skype gateway products under Skype 7.x, but it is difficult to implement for Skype 8 since no any developer’s API is supported for Skype 8 now.

User needs to enable “ Extension number dialing for Skype incoming calls”. Enabling this function might cause Skype gateway system with low CPU suffering bad usage experience. Please enable when you need it. You can enable this function from Skype gateway system tray “Dialing rule and usage limit” whenever you need it.

Skype gateway call limit tray    Enable Skype gateway incoming call extension dial

After calling Skype gateway, Skype callers can send Skype chat to dial PBX extension. If Skype gateway’s incoming call forwarding function is enabled, calls for company Skype account(1st port Skype account) will be forwarded to any available sub Skype account. For such case, Skype callers need to send Skype chat to sub Skype account for extension dialing after the call is forwarded to one sub Skype account and callers can hear company’s welcome IVR. If callers dial sub Skype account directly or they know which sub Skype account will be forwarded, callers can send Skype chat message 30 seconds before calling or when they hear company’s welcome IVR. Sometimes, it is a good timing to send Skype chat for PBX extension when user hears company’s PBX welcome IVR. As below chat message, Skype callers can send Skype chat message like “123” to Skype gateway Skype account and Skype gateway will send extension 123 to PBX.

Send Skype chat for PBX extension

For details, please check most recent SkyGW4C-S user manual FAQ Q15 or SkyGWO user manual FAQ Q13 in our web site. This function will also be added to single port Skype gateway SkyATA, Sky911 and SkyBox S1 in the near future.