Regintech Skype gateway SkyATA, SkyBox S1 and Sky911 Usage Scenario setting

Regintech's Skype gateway products SkyATA, SkyBox S1 and Sky911 all can connect with phone or PBX trunk port for Skype application. After office phone system is integrated with such device, employees can pick up desk phones to make or receive Skype calls. It is not necessary for employees to install Skype in their own PC and create security concern. With bandwidth control on the PC with Skype gateway device, Skype call voice quality (16 bit versus 8 bit PSTN) will be even better than PSTN calls. It is easy and economic to have Skype subscription on one single Skype account. Employees out of office or company partners can use mobile phone Skype to call office for free. Mobile communication is much improved and it saves lots of money.  

Microsoft doesn't provide developer's API for Skype 8.x. We use two usage scenario settings to prevent possible user interference of Skype calling status window to affect our gateway's decisions of call existence. The interference includes closing or hiding Skype call status window. 

The first usage scenario setting is "Connect phone". This setting is most suitable for users in front of the computer when they use Skype gateway for a Skype call. Users can do whatever with the computer connecting with Skype gateway. But they need to know when to put the phone hook-on based on the call status when their call parties hang up first. Gateway device won't generate busy tone for such case. Users also need to make sure if the Skype call is finished or not when they hang up the call first and might need to manually finish the still in-progress call via Skype GUI. The second setting is" Connect with PBX". This setting assumes users won't interfere Skype call status window during a call. It is prohibited to close or hide Skype call status window during a call. If anyone controls the Skype call status window during a call, the call might be incidentally finished or call party might hear busy tone although the call is still in progress. And the call might not be finished automatically when user hangs up the phone. Users might need to manually finish the call via Skype GUI.

Microsoft formally announced Skype 7.x service will stop from November 1, 2018. Although Skype 7.x service might still be available now for most users, but there are calling problems between Skype 7 and Skype 8. Skype 8 has built-in audio and video recording functions, much better voice quality compared with Skype 7 and very easy ways to share files with Skype contacts. If you have any problem about Skype 8 upgrade, please contact Henry Chou of Regintech. Henry's contact: Office: 886-3-5735360, Mobile 886-936071552, Skype account: or email: Thanks a lot.

SkyBox S1 usage scenario setting


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