Regintech comes out a high C/P Skype video/audio conference box - SkypeConf

Video Conference can save travelling and increase employee efficiency, so it has been a must-to-have equipment for enterprises. Most available video conference systems are built based on protocols like SIP, H.323, H.264,¡K, etc. Usually company needs to buy multiple equipments for different location conferences. It is expensive and the conference participants are limited. Skype provides a free, open video conference platform with 300 million users now. With PC, web cam and audio device, a free Skype video conference can be performed.


Regintech¡¦s Skype video conference box SkypeConf supports Windows 7, 8 and 10. It perfectly combines Skype¡¦s video/audio conference service. Using this device to connect with office existing analog conference system greatly enhances Skype audio experience. Besides, one telecom carrier landline can be added to increase flexibility and convenience of Skype conference. During a Skype conference, users just need to pay attention to our conference management interface and Skype video call window. It saves the efforts to find functions from Skype interface and improves employee¡¦s willingness to use conference.     


SkypeConf provides an instinct and user friendly interface, so Skype users can be quickly familiar with the system. Even non-Skype users can easily adopt it. According to Skype, now you can share a group video call with up to 25 people (24 plus yourself) for the free Skype version. Ten video streams (9 plus yourself) can be visible at one time and the rest will be audio.  


Through our simple conference management GUI, employees can quickly set up a conference room and start a conference call. When one landline is connected with SkypeConf device, conference host can check the incoming landline call first and then add it into the on-going Skype conference. We add a few features to let the conference call run more smoothly like preventing of non-conference room member¡¦s dial in during a meeting, picking up the incoming Skype calls from the conference room and redialing the incidentally dropped calls during a conference. Besides, Skype audio call recording can help enterprise business or education application a lot. Skype file transfer and screen sharing do a big favor for business meeting or project collaboration.  


This solution can also be adopted as a Skype gateway to connect with existing office PBX or analog phones. With such installation, employees can pick up office desk phones for Skype or SkypeOut calls. The established conference room numbers can also be used as a speed dial number for an audio conference call. Employees out of office can make free Skype calls to company Skype account for any office extension to save expensive international calls or mobile calls.