SkyATA/SkyBox S1 Remote Monitor function can help online store, hotel and restaurant

With SkyATA/SkyBox S1 remote monitor function, people can do remote monitor for homes, offices, stores, ..., etc. This function will also help people run online stores, hotels or restaurants.


For online stores, they usually put some photos or video clips on their web site, but most people are not satisfied with such information when they look for products like clothing, art stuff, pets, …, etc. With the installation of SkyATA or SkyBox S1 for online stores, consumers can browse the store’s web site and click "Skype video check" link to access the Skype video by themselves without interrupting the storekeeper. Then the consumer can enjoy watching the products provided by the store as he likes and he can press the “ #” key of Skype dial keypad anytime to ring the phone which is connected with SkyATA or SkyBox S1 if he has an interest on the products. And he can place an order or talk to the storekeeper for more information. Such kind of shopping experience is new and joyful. It can attract more consumers who are not satisfied with existing online shopping. For the stores, SkyATA or SkyBox S1 can be used for free or cheap SkypeOut calls and remote video check function can bring a new and interesting shopping experience for their customers. Hence SkyATA or SkyBox S1 should be a very useful device for online stores.


For hotels and restaurants, SkyATA or SkyBox S1 can bring the similar usage as it does for online stores. At the popular sight-seeing spots, tourists usually wonder which hotels or restaurants to attend. With the popularity of smart phones, tourists can search for nearby hotels or restaurants and access their web site for more information. If the hotels or restaurants can provide Skype video check with SkyATA or SkyBox S1, tourists can know whether the hotel or restaurant fit their taste or not by clicking the Skype video check link. If that’s the right place he wants to attend, he can easily press “# “ key of Skype dial keypad during the Skype video check and talk to the hotels or restaurants for a reservation or more information. Such application model is very interesting and will become popular soon if it can be added into mobile APP program. And the sight-seeing spots with this service will bring great convenience to tourists.