Regintech comes out a 4 port FXS PCI-E card for Skype gateway - SkyGW4C-S 

Nowadays Skype™ has been a popular IM for voice/chat application and there has been a big Skype community worldwide. However, Skype scares enterprises for its strict security. In order to prevent employee sending out confidential information easily, many companies prohibit Skype usage in office. With the increasing Skype user base and benefits of phone bill reduction, many companies are eager to have the Skype voice application, but are still worry about security issues. SkyGW4C-S, a four port FXS Skype gateway, can help enterprise solve the dilemma. It supports up to 16 ports in one PC now.         

By connecting SkyGW4C-S with company’s existing PBX, employees can make/receive Skype calls through their desk phones. Employees don’t need to install Skype in personal PC to increase MIS’s burdens and security concerns. With SkyGW4C-S installation, different location offices can have a free communication via this platform. Employees out of office can call back office for any extension via Skype free call. Enterprise can have free Skype MVPN with SkyGW4C-S speed dial and employee's smart phone Skype. Through Skype Button and SkypeIn, 800 service call can be replaced by the free Skype web call. Enterprise can benefit free or much cheaper communication fee and even better communication platform for B2B or B2C through SkyGW4C-S.    

After DID function integrates with SkypeIn service, Skype gateway can provide better customer service call like 800 service call. With DOD function, employees just get a PBX trunking line and then has a direct connect with their foreign factory or branch office through Skype/SkypeOut. SkyGW4C-S supports two kinds of phone books, public phone book and private phone book. MIS maintains the public phone book and employees can take care of own private phone book through web without MIS’s help.

Furthermore, SkyGW4C-S provides a very simple way to contact colleagues via its Cheese button function. Usually you call colleague’s office extension number first and then call his/her mobile number if he/she is not reachable. With Cheese button function, you call colleague’s extension number( set as speed dial) and then press “#?” keys until you find the colleague. You don’t need to memorize lengthy phone numbers. User presets a contact table with contact’s phone numbers and enjoys the convenience of Cheese button function.

SkyGW4C-S supports Windows platform and has some features which are quite different with existing market available solutions. For example, auto Skype contact authorization can greatly increase Skype to Skype call success rate. In addition, SkyGW4C-S has flexible Skype call management and statistics. MIS can manage SkyGW4C-S remotely. SkyGW4C-S will send out Skype or SMS alert to MIS if any failure happens.  

This PCI-E card is very simple to integrate with your office desktop PC. After putting PCI-E card on the PCI-E or PCI bus in the desktop motherboard, user needs to connect J1 of PCI-E card with the power connector of the power supply in your desktop and connect JP1 to motherboard USB header as below figure.  


Application AConnect SkyGW4C-S with PBX: User can connect 4 FXS ports  of SkyGW4C-S to PBX trunking lines.

Application BAs a simple IP-PBX: Connect 4 FXS ports of SkyGW4C-S with 4 analog phones or cordless phones.